PAWS, People for Animal Welfare Society, is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our purpose is to promote the humane treatment and care of Greene County animals. 
We care for the animals at the Greene County Animal Shelter, which is a small shelter for lost and abandoned animals. We strive to find loving, permanent homes for these animals through our adoption program.  We also have a foster program for animals who need a little something extra that we may not be able to offer at the shelter, whereas a home environment might be the best fit for a short-term.
***OPEN HOURS every Saturday from noon until 3pm - come see what's up!***
Here are some more recent adoptees!  We have been on a nice roll here lately, adopting out some potentially harder-to-adopt animals as well.  So KUDOS to us - we'll never give up on our animals - there is someone just waiting for that perfect pet - all it takes is a little time:)
Above are our cats, Carter and Cash (now Atlas and Amris), dogs - Ace (enjoying a nap!), Sorbet (now Maggie - and just chillin') and Loki (now Jordy)!   We've had many more cats adopted, but these 2 are special to us as they were the "hard to adopt" brothers who now live in the lap of luxury!  THANK YOU to all our adopters - you're all wonderful and we appreciate you! 
***There seems to be some confusion since we moved into the new facility that we would like to address. The new facility is owned by the City, however, the building we were in previously was also owned by the City. A new board has been formed to oversee the new facility, however, this is a separate board from the PAWS board with a different function. PAWS has not dissolved, we aren't going anywhere, and we will continue to do what we have done since 1991, which is put the animals first, care for them, do everything needed to get them ready for adoption and then place them in loving homes. The reason we have been able to do this for so long is the great support we receive from adopters and people who donate, and we are very grateful for that! We plan on forging ahead to help the animals and hope you will continue to support us!
Adopt - don't shop!